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  1. Holiday Guidelines

    • Complete a holiday form on our website.
    • This must be done one month before you go on holiday, or we cannot guarantee that we will have staff available for your extra sessions.
    • You can catch up any sessions that you will miss on holiday two weeks before you go and two weeks after you return, so long as full notice has been given.
    • Holiday catch up can roll over to the next month.
    • If you want to organise more than one holiday at the same time, please email the studio at

    The only reason that we do this is because you might go on holiday in one month and come back in another and we want to give you a suitable amount of time to catch up on missed sessions whilst your are on holiday.

    "What If My Trainer Goes On Holiday?"

    If your trainer goes on holiday, he or she will make necessary arrangements to either fit you in with another trainer or to allow you to catch up sessions before they go and after they return. The best option for you is to train with another trainer and stick to your consistent training regime; all the staff are extremely capable and the temporary change is sometimes refreshing for you.

Holiday Form
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