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How To Pause Your Contract

Please complete this form if you want to pause your Podfit contract for 1 month for a fee of £35. You can only pause a contract for injury or illness, with sufficient proof.   A contract can only be paused once per contract term.  When we receive your pause information, we will pause your regular direct debit payment for a month and we will take your contract pause fee of £35 instead of your regular contract amount for the requested pause month.  Your regular contract direct debit will automatically resume the  month after.

Please use the date picker to select the start date of the pause.  All Podfit Contracts begin on the 1st of the month so if you choose a date other than the 1st of a month, Podfit will pause your payment for the first instance of a due payment (1st of every month) after the pause date you enter.  
For example.  If you want to pause a contract because you have a month's vacation from 23rd of  a month, then select 23rd of the month and year you want to pause for.  The next payment due on the 1st will be paused and you will make a payment the month after. 
All due sessions will be available to you up to the pause and after the pause finishes, we will make sure you do not lose sessions for a paused contract.
I need to pause my contract